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Preparation of a complete set of documents which accompany each deal of transferring the sports-competition rights of the sportsmen.

Representation of sportsmen, coaches, trainers, agents, federations, associations before Bulgarian courts of law, the arbitrary court of the Bulgarian Football Union, the Chamber of solving disputes of FIFA, the Sports arbitrary court /CAS/ in Lausanne, etc.

Registration of sports clubs, sports federations and national sports organizations as well as the rules for their activity, associations, preparing documents on licensing the federations, representation before the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Offering and developing normative rules in the field of all types of sports and the activities related to them.

Representation and legal defense before the committees of the anti-Doping Center, the disciplinary committee of the Bulgarian Olympic Union, the Sports Arbitration of the Bulgarian Olympic Committee, the deciding organs of the international sports federations and the Sports arbitration court.