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Trade and commercial law


  • Preparation of comprehensive legal analysis of trade companies; Consultations on all legal issues related to company management;
  • Founding and court registration of all types of companies under the Commerce Act with Bulgarian and foreign participation, as well as ascompanies with special investment purpose, NGOs, non-profit purpose entities; Reorganization - mergers and acquisitions, splitting and separations; Changes of capital, management and other changes related to the commercial registration of companies; Publishing of annual financial account in the Trade register; Founding and registration of  company branches.
  • Legal and tax advice on transfer of company shares and purchase of shares in a company.
  • Dissolution, liquidation and deletion of companies.
  • Consultations, submissions of claims and legal representation in all phases of bankruptcy proceedings, including at meetings of creditors; Drafting reorganization plans and legal cooperation in their implementation aiming at restoration of the normal business activities of the companies in insolvency.
  • Consultations and assistance in the establishment of all types of commercial transactions - sale, lease, gift, exchange, loan, contract manufacturing, distribution, commission, forwarding contracts, transportation, construction, contract delivery, contract mediation , commercial agency contracts, franchise agreements, securities, lease, contract credit, etc. Nullity and avoidance of a contract. Transactions with commercial enterprises.
  • Litigation and legal protection before all court instances, special courts and arbitral tribunal in conducting civil matters - in commercial, contractual, banking, insurance, employment, property, family and inheritance law. Keeping exceptional claims.
  • Verbal and written advice, representation and participation in negotiations in connection with the conclusion, cancellation or termination of various contracts.
  • Court litigation and out of court collection of overdue debt. Representation and assistance in collection of overdue amounts. Cession, assuming debt replacement performance, and more.
  • Settlement of inter-company relations. Remedies in cross-border transactions.