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Legal services for foreigners and their investments in Bulgaria. Status of foreigners.

The company develops active international activities such as servicing projects and transactions of foreign individuals and legal entities in the Republic of Bulgaria and abroad, including Britain, Russia, Iran and Romania. Our team offers comprehensive services in organizing trips, negotiations, preparing documents, concluding transactions, also monitoring their completion, in strict observation of the clients’ interests.

In recent years the focus of the company is conducting a comprehensive and thorough legal servicing to the citizens of the United Kingdom, the Russian Federation and other countries in relation to their activities in Bulgaria.

In 2015, we started working with lawyer Georgi Tabakov, member of the Moscow Bar Association, and lawyer Nikolay Nikolov, member of the Sofia Bar Association, living and practicing in Moscow. To all our foreign customers we can offer quality service through our offices in three cities in Bulgaria. If necessary, with a view to their convenience, they can also visit our partners in Moscow and receive personal assistance on the spot.

From 2014 through active cooperation and exchange of experience with our Romanian partners "Millennium Assistance", our clients receive good quality protection and assistance in the development of their activities in Romania and throughout the European Union.



The Law Firm realizes consultations and assistance to its clients in selecting appropriate sites for investment in the country and an analysis of the most appropriate ways of acquiring ownership or limited rights by investors, including through the establishment of a trade company or a company with a special investment purpose.

We offer legal advice, document preparation and assist EU citizens and third parties in connection with the application for acquiring Bulgarian citizenship, permits for short-term, long-term, continuous and permanent residence visa and European Blue Card.