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Intellectual Property

Law firm” Gaidarov & Dochev” has a vast and long experience in the field of intellectual property and offers integral analysis and complex strategies for the effective protection of intellectual property objects. Apart from the registration procedure for industrial property objects our team carries out further enforcement in cases of infringement of rights through both through court and out-of-court prosecution.

Court authorities (conducting of court procedures for protection of rights over objects of copyright, patents, trademarks and industrial designs, establishing the fact of bad faith in filing of trademark applications, appeal of decisions of the Bulgarian Patent Office for refusal to grant a patent, to register a trademark or industrial design, procedural representation before the Supreme Administrative Court against/in support of decisions of the Commission for Protection of the Competition)  Customs Agency (filing of request for implementation of border measures for protection of intellectual property objects, supply of samples or photos of samples of the detained goods (in case of counterfeit goods detention), conducting other activities related to the procedure of implementing border measures)Commission for Protection of the Competition (realizing actions for starting procedures for penalties for unfair competition according to the Law on Protection of the Competition and procedural representation before the Commission)Patent Office of Republic of Bulgaria (realizing actions for starting procedure for penalties for trademarks and industrial designs infringements) Commencing procedures for criminal prosecution against the infringers of intellectual property rights.


Disposition of the rights over intellectual property objects (contracts for transfer of patents, trademarks, designs, licensing agreements, contracts for transfer of copyrights, know-how, trade secret information, franchise agreements, letter of consent and others);

Mergers and acquisitions, division and separation of a company, sale of a company enterprise (related to the intellectual property objects); Commercial distributorship.